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OutWest Systems Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

On February 15th, 2010 OutWest Systems, Inc. was formed with the idea of bringing innovative and exciting unique products to market. Five years later we are still working daily to achieve those goals. We thank all of you that have come to believe in what we are doing and we expect to continue to grow in the coming years.

Since we started five years ago there have been numerous changes; the website has been updated several times to reflect the changes in what we are doing; more people have been brought on board to support the growing company; business partnerships have been formed.

What started out as the Optical Computer-Aided Target Sensor System, has changed into the Optical Computer Aided Training System and today is represented by four training systems; the OCAT SharpShot – E for new shooters; the OCAT SharpShot – V for laser training; the OCAT SharpShot –C that…

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The OCAT Marksmanship Trainer and Working with New Shooters

Part 1:

To a new shooter, firearms can be intimidating and at times, downright scary. Learning how to safely handle a firearm takes time, practice and a good instructor. Learning to shoot is not an endeavor someone should take on by simply heading down to the local bookstore, purchasing “Shooting for Dummies” and taking the ‘show’ to the range. Training a new shooter on how to use firearms safely and effectively can often be a long and daunting process.

The first thing that every new gun owner must learn is how to safely handle a firearm.   This all begins with the “Firearm Safety Rules.” You can find lists of these ‘rules’ on nearly every training website and blog, so I will take this opportunity to highlight the ones I find most important when working with a new shooter:

  1. We handle all firearms as if they are loaded.   This includes treating training firearms…
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