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OutWest Systems Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

On February 15th, 2010 OutWest Systems, Inc. was formed with the idea of bringing innovative and exciting unique products to market. Five years later we are still working daily to achieve those goals. We thank all of you that have come to believe in what we are doing and we expect to continue to grow in the coming years.

Since we started five years ago there have been numerous changes; the website has been updated several times to reflect the changes in what we are doing; more people have been brought on board to support the growing company; business partnerships have been formed.

What started out as the Optical Computer-Aided Target Sensor System, has changed into the Optical Computer Aided Training System and today is represented by four training systems; the OCAT SharpShot – E for new shooters; the OCAT SharpShot – V for laser training; the OCAT SharpShot –C that will fit the needs of most shooters, and the OCAT SharpShot –R for rugged reliability and long range shooting. Five years ago the OCAT System was just coming into shape. With the release just a few months ago of version 2.1 including many new features, such as the ability to auto-update, we continue to improve the system as we head into the future.

With all of the great things that have happened over the last five years you would think we would have been prepared for anything, but as the last year ended and this one began even more great opportunities have been coming our way. For example we formed a partnership with Tall Guns out of Loveland, CO to handle much of the instructor and consumer sales of the OCAT System thus providing us with a sales team.

With all of these opportunities, 2015 is looking to be a banner year for OutWest Systems. We would love to be able to tell you about all of the projects we are currently working on, but due to contract obligations, we are just not allowed. But if you stay tuned, we hope to be making many exciting announcements in the coming months and year.

Thanks for all your support and keep on practicing.

Paul Weissler, President, OutWest Systems, Inc.
Jim Cline, Vice President, OutWest Systems, Inc.

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