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Dry or Live Fire

With the addition of a laser training device, the OCAT System can change almost any location into a virtual shooting range.  Basement, rec room, garage, office, all can become your very own practice range.  In laser training mode, the OCAT System records each laser flash as if it were a live round fired down range.  Instead of spending potentially hundreds of dollars in live fire practice sessions, use a laser training device to fire thousands of virtual laser rounds for a fraction of the cost.  The laser training device also prevents live rounds from being loaded into the weapon keeping you and your family safe while practicing.

The system then packs up easily to transport out to the range to continue your practice with live fire.  At the ranges the system will track the location, order and timing of your shots giving you information you could never get with a plain target.  The system also eliminates trips down range to mark your target to keep track of shots, saving you time and frustration.

Use the system with firearms or air-powered guns such as pellet/BB guns and Airsoft guns in the live fire mode.