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OutWest Systems Adds Multiple Target Capability to Marksmanship Training System

Teaches Shooters How to Rapidly Respond to Different Targets

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Nov. 12, 2013 – OutWest Systems, Inc. today announced support for multiple hit areas (targets) on its Optical Computer-Aided Training (OCAT) Marksmanship Training System. The new capability helps NRA instructors, law enforcement, competition shooters and sportsmen learn how to quickly, and accurately, switch between multiple targets.

“When a threat presents itself, being able to precisely move between multiple targets could mean the difference between life and death,” said Paul Weissler, President and CEO of OutWest Systems. “The OCAT System automatically switches between multiple targets, randomly or sequentially, thereby helping the user improve their reaction time and accuracy.”

Multiple Hit AreaWith the new multiple hit area control panel, users can easily set up an unlimited number of targets within the system’s main target view area.




The multiple hit area control panel supports:

  • an unlimited number of hit areas, in any size and in any position, within the
  • target view area;
  • four different types of target hit areas (circle, oval, rectangle and diamond);
  • user-defined hit area names;
  • multiple audio callout types, from sequential (e.g., 1, 2, 3, etc.) to random (e.g.,
  • no consecutive repeats).
  • the system’s integrated shot timer (i.e., the callouts will start and stop when
  • the shot timer starts and stops); and
  • saving and reloading the user’s hit areas.

“For certified NRA instructors, helping to improve the students response time
and accuracy is critical,” said Jim Cline, Vice President and COO of OutWest
Systems. “This is the ideal tool for helping students achieve that goal … and it
makes learning those skills much more fun and interesting.”

The OCAT System is available online at and through OutWest System partners at A video demonstrating the OCAT System’s new multiple hit area capability is available at

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About OutWest Systems
OutWest Systems, Inc. is located in scenic Colorado Springs, Colorado. The
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The OCAT System is developed and supported in the United States.

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