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OutWest Systems Announces Software Release, Delivers Advance Filtering, Lighting, Targeting, Camera Controls

New OCAT SharpShot Systems Target Range of Gun Enthusiasts

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Jan. 21, 2015 – OutWest Systems, Inc. today introduced Software Release 2.1 for the OCAT SharpShot Marksmanship Training System. The software release adds advanced lighting and filtering controls for greater accuracy under all lighting conditions. In addition, Release 2.1 will automatically check for, and install, new software updates.

In related news, OutWest Systems announced the creation of four OCAT SharpShot System kits. The kits were specifically designed to meet the unique needs of different groups of gun enthusiast. The four systems include:

  • The OCAT SharpShot-E Entry-Level Marksmanship Training System
  • The OCAT SharpShot-V Laser-Only Marksmanship Training System
  • The OCAT SharpShot-C Premium Marksmanship Training System
  • The OCAT SharpShot-R Ruggedized, Long-Range, Self-Contained Marksmanship Training System

“The new advanced features included in System Release 2.1 will give our customers even greater control over their shooting experience,” said Paul Weissler, President and CEO of OutWest System. “And with the four new SharpShot system kits, we have made the customer’s buying experience even easier.”

An overview of the OCAT SharpShot System kits is available at A comparison of system kits is available at

Throughout this past year, and per the request of our customers, OutWest Systems has added a number of new and exciting enhancements to the OCAT SharpShot System. A highlight of these enhancements include:

  • Interactive firearm exercises
  • Multiple target capability
  • Long-range, high-reliability video streaming with support for multiple web-enabled (IP) cameras
  • Automatic software updates

“To make sure we are always meeting the demanding needs of our diverse customers, we continue to aggressively add new capabilities to our OCAT SharpShot systems,” said Jim Cline, Vice President and COO of OutWest Systems. “The automatic update capability included in our Software Version 2.1 ensures our customers receive these new system capability in a timely manner.”

More information about the OCAT SharpShot Marksmanship Training System is available at

About the OCAT SharpShot System

The OCAT SharpShot system combines advanced shot, target and analysis software with high-performance computing and video to deliver a unique and powerful marksmanship training experience. The system creates a fun and safe experience, helping individuals improve their marksmanship skills – at home, in the field or at the range.

About OutWest Systems

OutWest Systems, Inc. is located in scenic Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company develops and brings to market unique, innovative and fun products for sportsmen and avid shooters. Information about OutWest Systems is available on the Web at

The OCAT System is developed and supported in the United States.

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