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OutWest Systems Introduces Wireless Long-Range Marksmanship Training System

Improve 1,000-Yard Shooting Skills at 1/5 Price

OCAT Wireless Long-Range System

OCAT Wireless Long-Range System Kit

Colorado Springs, Colo., June 27, 2013 – OutWest Systems, Inc., today announced the Optical Computer-Aided Training (OCAT) Wireless Long-Range System Kit with a price of $595. The portable wireless system kit easily connects to a Basic, Standard or Deluxe OCAT Marksmanship Training System. It is an ideal, inexpensive and highly effective solution for shooters wanting to improve their long-range marksmanship skills.

“For long-range shooters, being able to see where the rounds impact the target is a real challenge,” said Paul Weissler, President and CEO of OutWest Systems. “Our OCAT Wireless Long-Range System Kit solves this problem by using the latest WiFi® technology to send back real-time images of the shooters hits and display them on a laptop located next to them at the firing line.”

The OCAT Wireless Long-Range System Kit is an eloquent design that combines WiFi antennas, a USB to Ethernet converter and a low-cost, high-definition web camera attached to a spotting scope.

The OCAT System software shows the holes made in the target, marks them, and records the location and time of each shot. At the same time, the laptop displays the target as if it was only a few yards away. This means the shooter can make rapid adjustments for wind, mirage and other conditions to improve their shooting skills.

The OCAT Wireless Long-Range System is:

■    portable – only two tripods and two power sources are required;
■    low cost – $595 for the wireless long-range kit (requires an OCAT Basic, Standard or Deluxe System); and
■    expandable – to distances greater than 1000 yards (by adding additional wireless antennas).

“Reducing the cost of a long-range marksmanship training system was one of our top priorities within the company,” said Jim Cline, Vice President and COO of OutWest Systems. “Our OCAT Wireless Long-Range System is 1/5 the cost of a wired system that is configured for 1,000 yards AND is 1/10 the weight, which makes it highly portable.”

The OCAT Starter System is available online at and through OutWest System partners at

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About OutWest Systems

OutWest Systems, Inc. is located in scenic Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company develops and brings to market unique, innovative and fun products for sportsmen and avid shooters. Information about OutWest Systems is available on the Web at

The OCAT System is developed and supported in the United States.

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